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Professional Information Systems Consulting

- Hawaii Based, Locally Owned and Managed -
- Since 1989 -

Committment, Quality, Satisfaction, Trust

Malanaphy Consulting is committed to providing the highest quality consulting services to our clients. Malanaphy Consulting provides information systems consulting services that range from strategic information systems planning, to software selection, implementation and ongoing support. Our goal is client satisfaction and to be our client's trusted advisor.

Mission Statement

“To provide meaningful and effective information technology consulting services to businesses and organizations so that they may be more efficient, effective and profitable.”

Why Malanaphy Consulting?

1. Experience.   With over 25 years of professional information technology consulting experience, Malanaphy Consulting provides a depth of hands-on, real-world experience to support your project.

2. Quality.  Quality deliverables, effective project management and friendly client relations are the result of years of meeting the highest client standards.

3. Know-How.  Class-A consulting is the result of knowing the technology and knowing how to implement it.  

4. Commitment.   Your success is our success. At Malanaphy Consulting we are committed to our client's success.

5. Objectivity.  We do not resell software or hardware and have no affiliations with any software companies.  We simply provide services and act as your advocate in dealing with software or hardware vendors.


Brian Malanaphy

Malanaphy Consulting, LLC
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Waimanalo, HI 96795

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